Monday, May 1, 2017

Day 1740: Another right of passage.

14 kids, collage, old photo & digital

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A lot of big family events now & upcoming.
Grandhunk #2, Jake, is a senior at OLU ...
Saturday night was Sr. Prom & I can't help but think ...
back how fast these years have flown by.
 So bear with me, as I join the "paparazzi" that took pics ...

Jake, almost 18
Jake, age 4

to celebrate another rite of passage ...

Garrett, Jake, Chris & Ben, Brenna & Ruby

Beautiful Brenna

WonderWoman & Grandhunk #2

Side note: After the prom,  the four guys had a sleepover.
Sunday morning two of their dates joined them for brunch,

compliments of chef, WonderWoman 
& her famous Indiana casseroles!
So many blessings.

And, you know what else is cool?
Sunday afternoon my cousin in Indiana text me a link ...

so I could watch great granddaughter Briana playing

NCAA-Division 2 softball for St. Joseph University.

That's Briana at bat, the cute one!

 They were playing at Quincy University in Illinois,
which streams their athletics live! Cool?

I was able to watch both games of the double header &
see Briana play shortstop & hit 2 home-runs, 4 RBI's.

A fun cross-country Sunday afternoon! 
Yea technology!
Go Briana & the Puma's!

A smile for Monday ...

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