Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 1821: Up, up and away ...

Dottie, ink, watercolor & collage

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Thursday morning, early ... 

WW drove my lil' hybrid into LAX, in traffic.
Heavy traffic & bless all the souls who do that daily.
LAX is in the midst of renovation. Sound like fun?
They decided to change terminal locations.
I have decided I will no longer travel alone ... I need a WW
or Wonder-someone to get me where I am supposed to be?
We parked, rolled our carry-on's & got in line.
There is a joke here, cause this Grandma is bionic, so
the 2 titanium hips set of the security alarm, every time.

WW, in her kindness, took a photo to send to the GH'S. 
We ate breakfast & the bill could have funded a 3rd world country.
Lots of venues to choose from, all in the same price range.
Everybody in it together.

Still amazing that this big silver thing gets off the ground!

Looking out the tiny window is the best geography lesson ever.

I've flown all over the world, and am still amazed.

This was a first, a racing stripe in the sky! Cool?

Here's a close-up for you ...

and touch down ... Indianapolis.

Yay! What used to take my parents day to drive, 
we do in 4 hours.

Thursday evening we 6 went to dinner at Traderspoint Creamery

A stunningly beautiful working farm/restaurant, Zionsville, IN.

I had Panzanella! 
Which I would gladly eat for every meal for the rest of my  life!
Housemade sourdough crouton, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, Sheet's Creek cheddar, hyssop, arugula, melon vinaigrette
I'm drooling as I type this!

A really beautiful setting!

Perfect end to our first day back home in Indiana.

A smile for Friday ...

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