Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 1814: special 3 for today ...

progress, collage, photo & digital

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Click here for Hall and Oates, I'm still in love with you.
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I believe in gratitude. I am grateful for everyday.
It's easy to let a day pass & miss special things.
My special 3 for today ...


Day class, training with fellow students & Demura sensei.


On opening my mailbox & finding this ...
from Muse mail member, amazing artist & friend, Brian Kasstle.

Imagine my joy & when I removed the protective envelope ... 

the photos don't do justice to this exquisite work.

Hand stitching & a smooth leathery feel. Just wonderful!
My mailbox never looked so good!
Thank you Brian for a beautiful gift.


Earlier Grandhunk # 3 texted me, asking me to dinner Thursday.
It took a nano second to reply, Yes, please!
So tonight we sat across from each other, one on one, 
at our favorite place, catching up ...
on the river-rafting trip, the Dallas trip & his summer job.
Heaven! Time ...  a Grandma's favorite gift! ♥


92 degrees, sunny, Santa Ana, CA

A smile for Friday ...

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