Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 1808: My tiny Grandma.

Great Grandpa Mills, Cayuga, IN 1900

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Finally getting around to telling you about my Grandma.
Just 4'9", size 4 shoe, my Dad's Mom, Leila ...
had the biggest heart ever.
She said that back in the day, shoe stores used a size 4 
in their display windows to make shoes more appealing,
but she could buy them at a discount & be fashionable.

She was married at 16, then again at 19 & again at 35.
I could never imagine being married so young.
She told me of making a pear pie as a young bride.
She'd never made one & made it so big it exploded!
 Grandma's are wonderful, they have great stories.

Grandma with friend, San Francisco, 1948

When I was 5, I flew an hour on a plane alone to be 
with Grandma & Jimmy in San Francisco for the summer.

age 5

 Grandma came to live with my Dad, her oldest of two sons,
later when her husband Jimmy passed on.
. . .

When I was 16, I saved up to take Grandma 
to the Egyptian theater in Hollywood (big stuff back then).

We went to see the movie, Ben Hur 
and bought the Ben Hur book program & popcorn.
We ate afterwards at Woolworth's (a big spender).
I remember her being so pleased. I was too.

Like all Grandmas, mine was special & oh so tiny!

A smile for Saturday ...

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