Monday, July 3, 2017

Day 1803: Ervine aka Uncle Pete!

Uncle Pete, collage old photo & digital

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I have been wanting to do a a blog about my Uncle Pete.
It's not his birthday or anything, but he's been on my mind.
Uncle Pete's name was really Ervine, so most called him that.
I don't know why, but I called him Uncle Pete.
He was the 9th child of 10, the 5th boy and ...
my Mom's older brother. And, Aunt Vonda's younger brother.
They all adored him.

Uncle Pete & Mom
Mom, Aunt Vonda & Uncle Pete



All the brothers & sisters 
took care of their "youngers".
A big family.


My Grandpa, Uncle Pete's Dad, was a farmer.

Uncle Pete became a farmer & in my memory 
he could do anything. 
He married the love of his life, Luella. 

Their love was so tangible, even as a youngster, I felt it.

They didn't have children, but sure loved their nieces.
They lived & took care of Grandpa's farm.

me, age 2 & Uncle Pete on the farm

I got to visit. 

Later they lived in a beautiful home on acreage, that 
looked like it came out of a Sunset magazine. Perfect.
When I was in college, they would sometimes 
drive me back to the dorm on a Sunday evening. 
I still remember listening to them talk & loving their laughs.

When I was to be married, instead of a shower gift,
Aunt Luella took me to the local A&P grocery.
She filled more than a shopping cart full of all the things 
that they had decided I would need to set up house. 
I've never heard of such a thoughtful gift.

Grandhunk #1 age 9 months, Indiana, summer 1998

Family. So many memories.
Feeling so blessed.

A smile for Monday ...

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