Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 1801: Sarah for Terry!

"Sarah", 4 x 6" postcard, collage & junk mail

Want music?


Click here for Sarah Vaughn, Fool on the hill.
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

I'm lucky to be in the Muse mail art group with great artists!
My job, to send a postcard to the next artist on my list monthly.
In that month! Did I mention that I procrastinate? I do.


And I digress. It's June 30th, I am now working on a postcard.
Not a regular postcard, but a stamp-person postcard.
Terry has said he likes the stamp-people, so that's my goal.
And, I am double dipping, scanning a step-by-step as I go.

Here goes ...

step 1

This is a recycled box, heavy cardboard. I like the color.

step 2

Old newsprint, a glue stick & a brayer ... on my way.

I chose a Sarah Vaughn stamp & her music above, 

step 3 -5

... then added black newsprint to start.

step 6 - 10

Wanted to make sure I could fit in shoes, plus another arm.

step 11-15

Cool socks & part of Sarah's ensemble.

step 16 -18

A start on hands & a dress.

step 19 - 21

More hands & more dress detail.

step 22 - 24

I always intended to use this red, just now got to it.

step 25 - 29

Dress, pockets & trim, nearly done.

step 30

Add marker & done? Not yet.

step 31

A touch of white marker. Done.

Now a postcard has two sides, right?
 I like to add to the address side.

step 1 -2

WW thinks this it's silly, a waste of time,

but I do it anyway.

This is ready to address & get to the PO ...
while it's still technically June?

Off to Terry in Minnesota!

A smile for Saturday ...

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