Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 1357: Flattery will get you everywhere!

loco,  collage & digital

I have a big weakness.
When flattered, I melt. It doesn't happen often.
A Principal, Mr. Mensinger,  once told me ...
that I seemed so strong, I didn't need praise.
I said nothing, as I thought he meant it as a compliment.
But, I thought to myself, you don't know me!
Don't we all need it? 
Kind words, reassurance that we're okay?

Last month I did a demo for ...

 My friend, SBWS member and terrific artist, Irene Rafael ...
was asked to write up the event for their newsletter.
She was kind enough to send me a copy to share.
I admit it is flattering, and I thank her
for making me look better than I am.

Mixed Media Collage Demo by Jacki Long

Jacki Long is a mother, grandmother, teacher, 
speaker, demonstrator, martial artist, observer, 
journaler,  photographer, music lover, amazing artist and 
daily blogger just to name a few adjectives.   
When asked how she would describe her approach to art 
she said, “I think I am kind of brave. 
I go for it and if it doesn't work, I do another.   
Also I really like to play. 
Like one of my students said, "it's not rocket surgery.  
 One of the qualifiers that Jacki uses in making art is 
that it has to be fun.  
And you can say that the demonstration that 
she presented was fun, informative and 
uniquely expressive faces and "stamp people".  
 Jacki collaged torn papers with her skillful eye 
at color shape and design to create a face on canvas.   
Her stamp people are sold at 
an exclusive boutique in Orange County.  
She starts a piece with a postage stamp that has a face 
and adds an exaggerated body and limbs with collage
 and paint, pencil or whatever is close at hand. 
I am sure that if a vote were taken everyone would say 
 that it was an evening filled with inspiration for all!

by Irene Rafael

(me blushing)

Thank Irene!

For the 30 Faces in 30 Days Challenge ...

Day 13  Chiaroscuro

Chiaro, marker & graphite on newspaper

A smile for Wednesday ...

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