Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 1328: What do you mean no hot water?

Capitol, junk mail collage

While on Grandma duty, I showered there.
Never using my hot water until this morning.
I went to wash dishes, and the water didn't warm up.
A normal person's alarm would have gone off, right?
I was busy lining up stuff for tonight's Torrance demo.
Shower time.
What do you mean no hot water?
I can rough it, but I need to look a whole lot better than this.
Called the plumber, they came right away ...
 due to my impending doom, and to spare onlookers.
So I did get a shower and left on time. 
Forty miles from Tustin to Torrance. 
1 hour 40 minutes going, 58 minutes coming home.
I took pictures at set up, but forgot during the demo.

Outside the windows ... a beautifully landscaped koi pond.

The Torrance Community Center is an amazing complex.

Thank you South Bay Watercolor Society.

 A smile for Tuesday ...

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