Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Day 1083: My Wimbledon tradition ...

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No, I have never been to Wimbledon, but ...
I feel like I have.

When I lived in Australia, ages 11 - 15, tennis was required.
There were other requirements too, but I'll save them for later.
So tennis attire, lessons and practice were on my docket. 
I was never skilled, but I developed ...
a real appreciation for those who are.
Thus Wimbledon. 

I watch the finals faithfully every year, as if they need me.

So today, I write a dozen things ...
I love about Wimbledon:

1. Manicured everything! 

2. The decorum, a grand stateliness.

3. The manners, more than other venues, in my opinion.

4. The tv cameras shrouded in green, so as not distract.

5. The lithe, speedy, disciplined ball boys & girls.

6. The cool uniformed linesmen and judges.

7. The announcer saying just "Please" to quiet slight noise.

8. The obvious fitness, agility & strength of competitors.

9. The way the competitors handle struggling with ...
a point, a match, a set, crowd reaction, their temper.

10. Wimbledon allows the players to shower 
after the final match, before the presentations.

11. Watching for graciousness in winning as well as losing.

12. Seeing well behaved McEnroe brothers in suits, commenting.

It's my July tradition.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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