Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Day 1735: When the young WW morphed ...

rusty, junk mail collage & ink postcard

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The young WonderWoman was a normal teen ...

messy and all the other traits.
We had the usual discussions, battles, pleas & demands ...

about keeping her room clean, helping out etc.
When she married Superman & had her own home ...

she somehow morphed into Martha Stewart?
Clean counters, everything put away in the perfect place.
Now even with the 3 teenage Grandhunks, 
and living with four men,
their home is spotless, shiny even!
Well not inside the GH's rooms, but everywhere else.

Go figure?

Postcard for Suzanne, a step by step ...

step 1


Muse Mail on it's way to Canada!


A smile for Wednesday ...

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