Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 1733: When Aunt Vonda danced with Daffy Duck!

Spur Ranch, TX 1987, collage, old photo & digital

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Aunt Vonda was, in my opinion, one of God's best creations.

WW & Aunt Vonda 1990

I admired her in more ways that I can ever count.
But one was the day she danced with Daffy Duck. 

Aunt Vonda would fly out each year from Indiana 
to join us for the young WonderWoman's birthday.
On this occasion, we went shopping at the Brea Mall.
We were in the food court deciding what to eat.
Suddenly loud music came over the speakers, and ...

a human-size Daffy Duck appeared! 
He moved through the big crowd and
danced straight to Aunt Vonda!

He extended his hand or wing I guess?

And Aunt Vonda, without missing a beat,
took his hand/wing & they danced off into the food court!
On and on, it was as if they did that every day.

Daffy had found a soul mate.
Everyone applauded.
A special day & a great memory.

I love it when people just go with it ...

this is an older 2 min video that shows what I mean.

A smile for Monday ...

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