Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 1729: In defense of make-up.

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Maybe you don't know, or you do, or you just don't care, 
but there is a #nomakeup movement ...  here.

Alicia Keys, songwriter, musician, singer, celebrity.

Personally, as a beyond middle age lady, it seems to me
that the advocates are the lucky ones not needing makeup?

Alicia Keys, songwriter, musician, singer, celebrity.
"some people on the Internet took issue with the fact that Keys didn't wear makeup 
to the award show last night. Her perfect skin was all aglow but her bare face still made for an understated look that stood out as quite the statement amid all the heavily made-up faces."

So, I have a true story for you, which may bring a smile?
About 30 years ago a fellow karate student
stopped by my house unexpected.
She rang the doorbell.
I had just showered & dressed with 
a towel wrapped around my head.
I opened the door & Kathi asked if Jacki was home?
She wasn't kidding, she truly didn't recognize me.
I told her it was me, & after a closer look
she determined it might be true.

So in defense of makeup, 
I still go through what I call my "silly putty routine."
No need to scare people.

For FB Throwback Thursday ...

Demura Sensei & admiriing students, 1991

A smile for Thursday ...

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