Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 1727: Somebody stop me!

Dorothy's Grandpa, Charles Palmer, 1915, collages, old photo & digital

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This may be a strange post?
I had another light-bulb moment this morning.

They seem to be coming more frequently?
Ooops, there I go again ... 

... so,  I was sorta watching tv, listening actually while 
reading the Sunday paper that I didn't finish yesterday ... 
ooops, tmi again.
It was a morning talk show that I don't usually watch.
The lady host was interviewing her visiting co-host,
who told a story about adopting a puppy.
The real host then started a story about her rescue dog,
when the new co-host interrupted & told an additional story.
How rude! I watched intently for the host's reaction.
Being a pro, any annoyance was almost indiscernible.
She listened, never mentioned or returned to her story. A pro.
But the light-bulb moment is that I do that!
Oh I have been on the receiving end, as have you, but
with my "EDBSO" disorder, I think, no, I am sure I do that!
And I don't want to be rude or interrupt!
So I am asking those of you who know me,
to help me to finally be aware & stop this.

And, I apologize that it took me so long to realize?
Feel free to wave, nudge, clear your throat or say halt! 

And, to those who have put up with this, my irritating habit, 
I do apologize, I am going to try to stop it!
No, I am going to stop it!
Never too late?

Happy Birthday to Cousin Curt!
One of the best Dad's on the planet.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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