Saturday, April 16, 2016

Day 1360: A happy dance at the mailbox!

"Penny", collage, photo & digital

Today I did a happy dance at the mailbox!

Once a month I get amazing mail from different artists.

This beautiful anniversary stamp is made from cloth!

Today it was from Suzanne in Canada!

Suzanne Jarvis

Original artworks by Suzanne.

Suzanne Jarvis

as well as special papers ...

and more, 

even player piano roll!

And as if that wasn't  enough  ...

Connie Rose

       I received this postcard from California artist, Connie Rose.

Connie Rose

Do you get cool mail sometimes?
Thank you Suzanne & Connie!

Thanks for stopping by ...
wishing you all a great weekend.

For the 30 Faces in 30 Days Challenge ...

Day 16   Fairytale

"Rapunzel", acrylic & graphite on journal page

A smile for Saturday ...

Modern Whistler's Mom

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