Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Day 1349: Almost up for the challenge?

"shoreline", watercolor & graphite postcard

Several of my artist friends are in this challenge ...

creating a new face each day ...
prompted by that day's assignment.
They are doing amazing work, you can see it here.
So, because of Vicki, Leslie, Irene and Josie ...
I am jumping in, starting on the third day, 
I will back track and catch up.
I am adding an additional challenge rule, just for me ...
all will be done within ten minutes, hopefully five or less.


Day 1. Drips & splashes (collage, acrylic & graphite journal page)


Day 2. Dream (acrylic, graphite & Stabilo journal page)


Day 3. Text (watercolor & graphite postcard)


Day 4. Wings (collage, gesso, graphite & acrylic)


Day 5. White/High key (fine pen & ink & graphite journal page)

I will try to keep up & post one face a day through the month.
As always, I thank you for visiting ...
and would love to hear from you?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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