Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 1096: How to spend a last day ...

Whitesun, photo & digital collage

Tuesday was our last day of this one week trip.
Packed and ready early for the evening flight ...

we picked flowers in Donna & Bob's backyard ...

and picked up Katha at her house.

Katha is our knowledgeable family historian.
We added flowers at the little country cemetery where ...

Grandma and Grandpa Beaty & family are buried.
Then on to the old home where my Mom ...
and some of her nine siblings were born.

We added flowers at Mt. Run Cemetery ...

where Mom, Aunt Vonda, Aunt Martha, 

4 of 5 cousins, missing Nancy, photo by WW

Aunt Fern, Uncle Russell and Chuck
little Bella and Marcus, 
are all out on this quiet hill in the country.

On to lunch at the Cobblestone Grill in Zionsville

a charming town for the first shopping in a week.
WonderWoman was ready to shop, big time!
And, before we started for the airport, a stop at ...

we sat on that front porch and enjoyed great ice cream.
Very possibly a new last day tradition?

Thank you to our Indiana family for a wonderful week!
We love you all!

A smile for Monday ...

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