Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 1090: Maybe the best?

Poppies, an i-pad digital collage

Today, I am returning from vacation, 
but have pre-re-posted maybe my favorite post 
out of 1089 posts so far ...

The geraniums in my little yard are starting to bloom.
This reminded me of ...

decades ago, Demura Sensei pointed to a 
geranium on his desk ... and said to me,
"You like that flower".

 I said, "But Sensei, that's a geranium",
with the same intonation as if a weed.
"Yes, you that! A geranium".

"Oh Sensei, can't I be a rose, or an orchid ...
or a tulip?" I pleaded.

"No,  you like that geranium!".
I was crushed. 
I wanted to be something elegant or beautiful.

Then later Sensei said, "No, that good. 
They don't need a lot of attention ...
and they bloom easy."
And so, I am a geranium.

A smile for Tuesday ...

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