Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 1089: All ladies like shoes.

Bebe, acrylic & digital collage

All ladies like shoes.
I guess so.
But I thought I would show you ...
my three favorite pair of shoes.

On a bedroom bookcase, rest my favorite shoes. 

If you were here, this is what you would see.

My Mom's shoes. 
The button hook needed to manage the buttons.

Mine were once white leather, but now well worn. 

And, Erin's modern day "tennies".

All three pairs are close in size.

Mom's shoes. Black and white leather. 
And, if you look close, there's a bit of her little sock showing.

The knot in the lace of my shoe is so typical, even now.

I love Erin's shoes, dirty laces and all.

And so ...  a final bow from three generations of shoes.

A smile for Monday ... 

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