Monday, July 6, 2015

Day 1075: Dodged fireworks and home safe.

Geisha series #12, collages & Ukioy-e type print, digitally blended.

There's a story behind my avoiding fireworks.
I like them from a distance.

Fireworks, Huntington Beach, July 4, 2015 photographed by Superman

 I used to be sent up to my Grandma's in San Francisco.
A one hour flight alone, under the care of stewardesses.
Grandma had an apartment in a grand old Victorian house ...
 across the street from Golden Gate Park. 
It must have been a great home at one time, 
but was later divided into large apartments. 
And, because it seems the whole city is built on a slant 
there were many marble steps in the alcove ...
that lead up to those four front doors. 
I think I was six, and my second summer to visit there,
so I was trusted to go to the park to play.
 As I came home some boys followed me and ...
tossed lit firecrackers at me on the steps. 
Because of the marble enclosure it echoed so loud, 
as I waited for my Grandma to hit the buzzer to let me in. 
I never went alone to the park again.

Huntington Beach, July 4, 2015

So yesterday, as the super family joined half of SoCal
at Huntington Beach, enjoying the 4th of July ...

The big 4/5 downtown Huntington Beach, CA

 and each other ... 
I was in the company of my three Granddogs, 
who share my view of fireworks.

Laker, Bella & Chloe.

We enjoyed peaceful, quiet Anaheim Hills ...
in their game-room, where they are allowed on the couch.
I did look out the window occasionally ...
at the Disneyland fireworks.
Life is good.

A smile for Monday ...

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