Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 949: Judy taught, we listened & practiced ...

denimdot, an ipad digital collage

 to remember it all!

As I mentioned here, I took at great class at Judy's.

Back row: Betty, Judy, Marj, Kay, Rojean & Judy -  Front row: Arleen, jacki & Joy -  photo by Dan Kee

Eight of us invaded Judy's wonderful home Saturday morning
to spend the day learning ProCreate on our ipads.
I only wish I had an audio tape of the day … hilarious!

by Marj



Busy learning, I forgot to take pics of many beautiful works.
And, I haven't figured out how to get mine to upload?
Lost in a big learning curve here.

A smile for Monday ...

And, if you have the time, a bonus ipad smile …
I bet you'll say how? and wow! 

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