Sunday, October 26, 2014

Day 822: Costumes and Crapola!

"For Him",  assorted paper collage

I have been invited to a party!
Our hosts, Susan & Leo, are great party-givers ...
 and prefer us to come in costume.
Last year was my first invitation,
and I timidly had just a wild & wonderful hat. 
Sort of a testing the water, a non-commital costume.
But, inspired by Denese & Ed last year, who were spectacular,
I will be in full costume. Be warned.

Held at a fabulous restaurant in Fullerton,

Angelo & Vinci's, is a wild and wonderful venue,

and the food, oh the food ... so delicious!

Our party will be in one of the private dining halls.

Now about the costume.
Sure I could have been a witch pretty easy, but ...
about 25 years ago, I was part of a self-defense demo.
Using only very tiny steps, and a cane,
the aged heroine beat up 11 attackers.
(Of course she was aided by 11 skillful students ...
who made her look good).

Called "The Old Lady" 
She wore a vintage Salvation Army size 18 navy polka dot dress,
a once stylish tan hat with big flowers from Goodwill, 
some plastic beads, striped knee high hosiery,
a tan corduroy quilted purse,
and rust leather lace-up Grandma heels.
A sight to behold.

"Old Lady" kit

And you guessed it, hoarding comes in handy!
I will leave the contacts at home in favor of glasses.
The ole lady will be in full force!

Now if you're wondering where the "Crapola" comes in?
That's what I'll be saying if someone says "Hi jacki!"!!

Home from the party

A brainstorm ...
I talked Grandson # 1 
into being my date.
He said yes. 
I asked him if he
would wear a costume?
No problem.
What a kind kid.
He went as a ...
volleyball player,
which he is.
in between laughs, 
took this shot
before we left
on our date.

Some of the group, FB picture compliments of Mei Okumura

A fun night for all.

A smile for Sunday ...

by  French Paper Company

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