Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Day 797: About face?

"Reality", journal page, acrylic swipes & ink

What's is it about a face? 
I do a lot of these scribble faces,
Usually on top of earlier random splashes of color.
Some work, many don't, but I live on to scribble another day.
I particularly like this one.
I know it's not pretty, but it appeals to me.
Partly because I didn't go any further.
And partly because she seems okay with herself.
I am working towards that myself, but am not there yet.
If I get there, I'll let you know.

And now, about face, what would you do for $100?
I think maybe the older you are, the less you would do?
Okay, what if you were a confident, almost 14 year old boy?
WonderWoman posted this on her FB yesterday ...

Home alone for a few hours ...
the instigator, middle grandson (15) said ...
it was the best $100 he had ever spent.
Older grandson (17) was at VB practice, so missed it.
I asked him what he would have done?
He said he would have offered $50 for the other eyebrow.

Teenage boys, a rare breed!

A smile for Wednesday ...

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