Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 94: A busy Friday ...

A creature of habit and anticipation, 
today started with the Artistic License Fair.

An annual two day show featuring all one-of-a-kind, quality crafts

Today beautiful Estancia Park, 
Costa Mesa, CA was 90 degrees.

Each tent, a 
new vision 
Claudia Marie Grau
of color and creativity.

Marjike Terwisscha

Jivita Harris Carey

Many artists have followers who return each year for new items.
Dane Vanaas
Barbara Kincaid
Elyse Ellinger

Cindy Rinne

                 54 outstanding Artists, I only have space for a few.
Merry Wennerberg
Annette Hernandez

All this and tamales too?

Open tomorrow, Saturday, October 27th  10 -4 PM
If you can, you ought to go look!
If not this year, next year?

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