Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 1584: A wedding their way and perfect!

"M&M Love", photo, ink, acrylic, collage & digital

As mentioned earlier, here
I was asked to officiate a special wedding.
I have known Megan since she was one!

Megan & Mike planned their wedding their way,

 small, with just family & their closest friends.

As I put together this silly blog, I realized ...

I was lucky to get some special moments, but ...

I also missed a lot while I was just having fun.

Luckily, Alan (family) took professional photos.

comedy time

So, hopefully this gives a feeling of the joy & relaxed fun?

Sister Julie took credit for their marriage.

4 cousins

Fantastic Vietnamese food, a taco bar & ice cream bar

  take home treats & a photo booth ...

new singing act, "the 2 Grandmas!"
 & a great CD that I am listening to as I write this.


What a perfect day!

Husband & wife: Mike & Megan!

A smile for Saturday ...

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