Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Day 1566: Rusty treasures?

"Urban Rust", collage, acrylic, photos & digital


A little tired from the past busy days ...
I fell asleep with the tv on, CNN no less!
Waking up with an overdose of negatives ... 
 I came in here & vented in my journal, 
one of the repeatable lines was ...
"wanna go back to bed and pull the covers over my  head!"

I felt a need for sunlight so sat outside for
my daily morning prayers/meditation.
It did help, it's a beautiful 77' cloudless SoCal day.
Sometimes I really need to refocus!
But, sometimes I get distracted.

I love rusty stuff, old tools, farm stuff ,,,
I am from Indiana after all!
Aunt Fern let me pick out some goodies when 
I was first married, to bring home to California. 
Back then we had high ceilings & a huge wall of tools.

Two-man saws, pitchforks, you name it.
When I moved to this tiny condo, the tools had to go outside.
And they have, over the years, rusted beautifully. 
This morning I looked over saw these ...

rings, nails, bottle caps and name tags
 and started sorting.

yep, goggles!
 Somebody wore those!

c-clamps, railway spikes & hooks
It may not look like much to you ...

wire, pliers, wrenches & gaskets

but I think they are beautiful!

all sizes of rings

And, I have plans! I even have a tentative name for the tags ...

scissors, tweezers & bottle openers
how about "rusty treasures" ?

So these are the before pictures.

egg beater & separator, spring & exhaust pipe

What do you think?

doorknob & corn-shucking hand gear
 Am I crazy?

yep, curling irons & saw blades

Crazy can be good, right?

You see, I am in a holiday sale on December 2 & 3 ... 

 and I think you might see some of these there?
Stay tuned for after pictures, sometime.

Oh, my Christmas cactus asked to be shown. 
Grown from a 2" tiny container over the past 20 years.
How could I refuse?

PS* I've got my fingers & toes crossed, hoping for ...
a comment from you? I really need feedback!

And ...


A smile for Tuesday ... 

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