Thursday, September 18, 2014

Day 784: Notes and scribbles ...

"Teddy", photo digital collage

For the past three evenings, and for the next two upcoming ...
I am on my couch, journal and pen in hand, mesmerized ...
 by the PBS & Ken Burns tv series on the Roosevelt's!

A long time fan of Eleanor, I find that 
I knew little of Teddy and FDR.
And so I share with you, my six hours (so far)
of notes and quick sketches.

There have been so many wonderful images, 
that I am not quick enough to capture properly.

I tried to jot down some of the great quotes.
Some I paraphrased, as I wasn't sure of my accuracy.

I teach a little journaling class, where I say include
whatever is going on in your life at the time, and ...
that it doesn't have to pretty. Same for this blog.

Bravo Ken Burns.

And, I am one of many, exposing my table top today 
as part of Seth Apter's Studio reveal here
you can see how real artists work. 
A great variety, and definitely worth checking out.

I work a lot with junk mail ...

... if it were neat, I wouldn't be working?

96'  in Santa Ana, Ca. no a/c, 3 fans ...

A smile for Thursday ...

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