Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 1837: Losing a friend.

"Brandy's colors", photo, drawing, collage & digital

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Two years ago I lost a close friend, at her request.
She had decided to be more selective with her time,
and her new schedule would not include me. 
I never knew what I had done.
I wanted to ask, but I chose to honor her wish.
It hurt so much, and it still does.

by Brandy 2012

Now I have lost another friend, 
a former student & artist, but not by her choice.
She spent the last year bravely battling stage 4 lung cancer.
I did visit, call, e-mail, send stuff, but she was the warrior.
Brandy did everything medically asked of her.
 Her husband let me know Wednesday, of our loss.
He is lost.
It may be harder for men? 
You see I think men are fixers. They want to fix it.
And sometimes you can't.

by Brandy 2012

As a teenager I remember my Dad being deeply upset 
for what seemed a long time when even a movie star passed?
Some he had driven, as his job in the studios, but
most I think he just felt like he knew from movies?
I watched this happened more often as he & they grew older.

by Brandy 2012

 So now as I am older, I am on this side of dealing.
I miss this dear sweet lady. but know she is now free of pain.
Women are emotional, we cry, we think & re-think.
No easy answers. Loss is hard.

A thought for Sunday ...

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