Sunday, June 11, 2017

Day 1781: I got really lucky!

"39", drawing, watercolor, Montana markers & junk mail collage

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I got really lucky!
Valerie invited me to visit with her art group.
A group of 12 that varies with their busy schedules.
Today they were 7. The group includes a photographer, 
a mixed media artist, a fabric artist, a story teller/artist,
a calligrapher, graphic artist & more. 
The day started with a meditation led by Sister Madeleva 
and was followed by a video on an artist Meinrad Craighead.

The group brings work & sometimes collaborate.

(it takes a lot of stuff! - photos by Valerie)

We brought our lunch & goodies to share,

Sister Madeleva, our hero front left. Photo by a kind husband on Val's phone.

The group meets at St. Joseph Center.
The MotherHouse of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Just off the 22 freeway and adjacent to the renowned CHOC 
& St. Joseph Hospitals & Main Place Shopping Mall,
but once there, you are in another world. 
Untouched by outside.

The main attraction & the glue of this proficient group is ...
Sister M. Madeleva, a joyous 86 year old icon.
A contemporary of my hero, Corita (see here).

 Her book, available on Amazon -Art for the Soul: 
The Works of Sister Madeleva Williams, CSJ 

 is a collection of works from Sister Madeleva Williams, CSJ. Through her art, she has the ability to explain difficult concepts, comfort those in pain and distress, & build bridges of hope & understanding for individuals & communities. 
Sister Madeleva Williams is a gifted artist & art teacher 
& her works, though widespread, have not been compiled 
into a collection until this book: Art for the Soul. 
While she is a Catholic Sister from the Sisters of St. Joseph her work, with its brilliant colors and insightful messages touches everyone who experiences it regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Sales of Sister Madeleva Williams' collected works 
support the needs of her Sisters in retirement.
I now have another hero to add to a very special list.

Visit St. Joseph Hospital & her posters shine throughout the halls.
To see a 1 minute video of her illustrated book, click here.

Getting to meet Madeleva was indeed a gift 
& I am still smiling as I remember her laughter
as she looked through my journal. 
A day of great memories.


Valerie suggested a walk through the Sister's garden ...

calm, serene, beautiful ...

one of the best Saturdays ever.

As we walked to our cars, Valerie spotted this ...

I would have missed it, and I love it so. 
She says I am rubbing off on her?

And right before I got to my car, I found my own.
I hope she's rubbing off on me!
Thank you dear Valerie for another very special day.

A smile for Sunday ...

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