Sunday, December 27, 2015

Day 1249: Happy Boxing Day!

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I had forgot all about boxing day

  Boxing Day is a holiday traditionally celebrated 
the day following Christmas, 
when servants and tradesmen would receive gifts, 
known as a "Christmas box", 
from their masters, employers or customers.

But in reading Darlene's blog this morning, here, I was reminded.
I lived in Australia for four years and boxing day was a big event.

This may be a TMI alert, but that never seems to stop me.
There are a couple of you who asked about Australia,
so I guess today is that day.

As you know, or don't know (or care?) ...
I was in boarding school age 8 - 11, see here.
At age 11, my Mother married Des.
A rather famous Australian race horse trainer.

He trained racehorses & steeplechase jumpers ...
that raced around the world.
Leaving Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy in Pasadena, CA
We moved to Melbourne, and made new friends.
I was enrolled at Kilbreda College

a Brigidine Catholic Secondary School for Girls

can you find me?

in Mentone, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
A 30 minute train ride, to and from each day.

There were changes.
I learned to jump horses & ride dressage, 
tennis and golf lessons were required.
And I loved Scottish dancing and ballet.
I thought I was "Belle of the Ballet", but, I wasn't.

Four years of my life ... 
with so much "new" to learn and enjoy.
 1 horse, 1 retired racehorse, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 cockatoo & 1 magpie!
Very different from boarding school.
Today, Boxing Day is their public holiday,
and I am remembering that time with a smile.

A smile for Sunday ...

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