Monday, December 21, 2015

Day 1243: It's about pounding rice!

4, junk mail collage Christmas card

On a cold California morning ...  
it's time for Mochitsuki.

An ancient Japanese ceremony, not often seen nowadays.
Traditionally done in late December, before the new year.
Modern technology now has machines that do the hard labor, 
but Demura Sensei & some Japanese families ...
try to keep the old way.

Called Mochitsuki,  it's all about pounding rice.
Using short grained rice ... it is cooked outside, 

 stacked wooden trays of rice are steamed over the wood fire ...

 cooked to the deemed perfect state, 
then transferred ready for pounding  ...

using huge, heavy wood mallets, it is hard work.

A large granite bowl-shaped vessel holds the rice for pounding,
and is cleaned in between each of the many, many poundings.

The goal is mochi, Japanese rice cake. 
Good luck for the new year.

It's really a social event ...  a family get-together.

And you know what happens when family gets together ...


Can you tell we had fun?


A smile for Monday ...

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