Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Day 1224: Do you know Libby?

Blondie, acrylic & collage on canvas

Do you know Libby? 
Fiber Artist, Libby Williamson?
If you don't, you should.
Besides being a terrifically creative artist,
she's really a great lady.

Her studio is at Dragonfly Studios in Old Town Orange  ...

where she both teaches and creates.

Recently we got to see three large recent entries for a big show.

Contractually unable to photograph the total pieces ...
I was allowed to do some close ups, my favorite anyway.

These picture's don't do the workmanship justice, 
but keep in mind that this is all fiber, 
layers and layers of different fabrics, 
skillfully stitched and magically stained & blended
to create this amazing work.

You can see Libby and her beautiful work this weekend ...
if you're in the Costa Mesa area.

Libby and 12 artists will be offering 
original handmade art for your consideration.

No lines or pushy crowds, instead ... 
refreshments, easy parking & smiles.
We hope you'll join us?

 A smile for Wednesday ...

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