Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 90: Got blimps?

I can remember seeing the Tustin Blimp Hangars as a little girl.

We didn't live in 
Tustin back then, 
but we must have driven by?

I now live near the hangars and saw them this morning 
when I went to Costco for gas.

 They are like dinosaurs from the past.

It's hard to relay the size.  But I am going to try.

September 2011, I read that the North Hangar 
would be open to the public on that Saturday morning. 
I rushed over and took 311 photos. Here are a few.

One of the largest wooden structures in the world.

Taken mid-way, see a 50 second video.

I spent four hours in and around the hangar that day.
When we left, a car commercial was to be shot there.
I have many more photos, so I may add more tomorrow.

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