Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 74: Mom, me and Erin ...

Today I spent time at our County Courthouse. 
You go at the designated time and then you wait.
The smart phone inventor probably came up 
with the idea at the courthouse.
Sparing you needless details, I found myself 
taking pictures of my own shoe!

You know you're in trouble when you photograph your shoe?
Or, maybe just proof that I wear something other than flip flops? 

But then I remembered by three favorite pair of shoes.

On my bedroom bookcase, rest my favorite shoes. 
If you were there, this is what you would see.

My Mom's shoes. And, the button hook necessary to get in and out.

Mine are well worn.  That'a good thing, right? 

And, Erin's modern day "tennies".

All three pairs are close in size.

Mom's shoes. Black and white leather. And, if you look close, these's a bit of her little sock showing.

The knot in the lace of my shoe is typical, even now.

I love Erin's shoes, dirty laces and all.

And so a final bow for three generations of shoes.
Now if you don't leave me a comment on this one,
there's no hope for me?

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