Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Day 2169: Quick, easy, fun!

can't: junk mail collage

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Click here for Maxwell, Ascension.
then click back on this blog tab or here to listen as you browse, or not?

Yesterday's blog mentioned postage stamps (here)
and I mentioned that I hadn't used stamps in collage.
Today I thought I'd give it a try.

Using some of my favorite handmade acrylic collage papers.

I blocked it out on Fabriano Medioevalis card, 
then started in with gluestick & brayer.

step 1

step 2
step 3

step 4

step 5

A slight addition on the final.
Quick, easy, fun!

My current read.

 I am half way through and I love every page.
Some books by a skilled writer, have me using a highlighter.

Just little passages that seem so perfectly composed ...

that I want to save to revisit. There are many in this book.
Does you do this too?

One of you recommended this book to me. 
I went back through posts trying to find out who? 
But, no luck. Maybe it was an e-mail?
If you're still reading this silly blog, could you let me know?
I want to thank you properly.

A smile for Tuesday ...

(supply your own caption?)

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