Sunday, December 10, 2017

Day 1963: So great to be invited!

fit: ink, acrylic & collage

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My Aunt Vonda was always ready to say yes to any invitation.
A trip, a movie, the grocery store. Always ready to go.
I try to remember & embrace that philosophy.

So ... so grateful to be invited to help celebrate a special guy ...

I drove the 241 to the busy 91 freeway & on to Rodrigo's ...

89 degrees outside, A/C, family & friends inside.

Delicious food, decorations, centerpieces, a Q&A game!


 A touching speech by big brother, Jim.


Doug's Mom, Jean is a master party planner!
Guests signed a matted frame for Doug.

Each guest received a beautiful almost edible ...
candy-filled favor, another "Jean" talent!

Demura sensei & Mike
Demura sensei

Around 60 family members & friends celebrated Doug.

Doug & Roy     

Ed & Denesse

Leo & Mike

Roy, Joann & Jim

Susan & Leo

Grandmorhter, Jean & Doug

A great turnout for a really special celebration!
Happy Birthday Doug!

And on my drive home I saw ...

A smile for Sunday ...

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