Saturday, December 9, 2017

Day 1962:The unknown after-story.

Faith: ink sketch, collage & digital

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After a terrific Wednesday evening here, there was an after-story.
No one saw, but it would have been a funny video, to others.
At the end of the demo, it took me a while to pack up.
Everything fit into two rolling containers & two trips to ...
front door of this beautiful HB Sr. Center venue.

By 9:30PM all the smart people were on their way home.
Except for a small cleaning staff, the huge center was deserted.
I took my first load to the car, but when I returned for the second
the front door had automatically locked. My container inside.
I knocked, walked around the building for open doors. None.
I called the center & got a "closed" recording.

I knew staff was working but they didn't hear my knocks.
I finally pulled my car up to the front door.
I tried knocking again, and a young worker walked by ...
with headphones on bopping, to his music. 
He didn't hear me, or see my frantic waves.
I sat in my car with the door open, thinking, when
later I saw the 2 workers coming from the ballroom.
I jumped out and ran to catch their attention. 
Big mistake, at my age not a great idea.

I went splat, spread-eagle & they didn't see me.
Do you remember when you fell on the playground 
and skinned you hands and knees? Deja vu, big time.
Luckily not hurt, but pride soundly bruised.
I pounded on the glass doors, but they were gone again.
Too much invested by now, I persisted.
Later the man finally saw a strange lady flailing wildly ...
opened the door saying, "Oh is this yours?"
At 10:15 PM I was on the freeway, home bound.

Near home, I drove through a Der Wiener-schnitzel take out 
for a chili dog with mustard & onion!
Not a healthy choice, but none of my choices had been so far.
And, I earned it, right?

A smile for Saturday ...

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