Thursday, August 17, 2017

Day 1848: Didja know? #1.

Luisa, ink sketch, watercolor & junk mail collage

Luisa quick sketch                                                                              Luisa watercolor

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In my path on this random daily blog (#1848->)
where you never know what you will get,
I have decided there may be an occasional 
"Didja know?" blog. And if so, 
it will end up a series, thus I have numbered this #1.
Did I mention that I am a habitual counter?

Recently when Beau sent me artwork in this envelope,
he used the new eclipse stamp!

He noted the stamp & that's how I found out & was hooked.

The sheet of  “Total Eclipse of the Sun” Forever stamps 
 pictured, are the first of its kind for the U.S. Postal Service
using thermochromic (heat sensitive) ink, 
the stamps will change in appearance when touched. 
The stamps are available at your PO, but going fast.

So on Monday, the total eclipse of the sun!

Not sure how much we will see in SoCal, 
but I'll try & am hoping to hear from my Indiana family.

And, hard to believe, but another great mail gift today!
Among bills & junk mail, imagine my joy to find this ...

addressed in a protective sleeve, to be removed and reveal ...

from SoCal artist & dear friend Irene Rafael ...


What a treasure!
Thank you Irene for both your amazing art 
and your friendship. ♥


For FB Throwback Thursday ...

August 2004

13 years ago ... 2004 Orange County Fair, 
Demura Sensei's Costa Mesa Dojo Demo Team.
Roy Center, Jared Stanton, Kelly Harada, Cheyenne Lopez, 
Preston Schow, Shayla Van Wormer, Luis Perez, Tess Bernstein
Alyssa Hatton, Devyn,Jackson, Cody Jackson, 
Danielle Vartanian, Lulu Meeks, Emily Bernstein, Jaimie Harada, Kristie Harada, Andy Anjosian, Alex Anjosian & more.

A smile for Thursday ...

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