Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 1597: A daily ritual.

"start & maybe finish" , ink & junk mail collage

Some of you asked, and yes sometimes I do get stuck!
1597 days of silly blogs in a row can be daunting.
Usually something happens daily & I go with that. 
But I have a short list of emergency/possible blog topics.
Today, I am going to that list, using Dad's date cube.

Besides being a driver for the movie studios, 
Dad also sold Mason Shoes from a catalog.
He won this little date cube over 60 years ago.
Not much of a prize, just wood & plastic ...
but it was his daily ritual.
I remember him turning the cubes every day.
It's mine now, and I too turn the cubes daily.
And, almost daily, I think I should clean it up.
60+ years of ritual can add up.
It would probably clean easily ...
& be more presentable ... but I haven't.
Am I crazy?

A smile for Friday ...

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