Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 1592: Well top this!

"kabuki", junk mail collage, kanji & digital

It's the season & some of you over-achievers have 
your greeting cards already arriving in my mail box! 
It's December 3 people! 
Do you already have the Christmas gifts wrapped & the table set?
If you think I am jealous, maybe. Amazed ... definitely!
I'm not even sure if I will send cards this year?
You may get a "rusty treasure" instead, or not.
You probably have started getting cards too, right?
Well, top this...

I feel so lucky to be on Art & Carol's Christmas card list!
Every year I get a spectacular photo from their travels.
Art is the superb photographer & Carol, the skilled writer.

A stunning image & some knowledge too!
Thank you Art & Carol  ...
for allowing me to share your skills.

A smile for Sunday ...

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