Saturday, October 22, 2016

Day 1549: Take a breath. Exhale, Smile.

girl 4, ink, watercolor & junk mail collage on journal page

Take a breath. Exhale. Smile.
I have been on a busy treadmill lately.
Self administered, but now 2 days to veg before I jump back on. 
The past few days blogs have been longer in order to cover it all,
but today I am home for the day & will give you a break too.

At the Long Beach Antique Market (swap meet) last Sunday,
a huge, dense & crowded display of everything, see here,
people bring wagons & rolling carts ...
to maneuver their treasures. I didn't. 
My purchases were small, but I thought I might share?

So many old photos for sale. $1. each or these, 2 for $1.
Peoples lives and memories spread out on a card table, for sale.
If you see this blog, you probably already know ...
I love old photos!
They seem to tell more, they reel me in.
I see a Grandma & Grandson. What do you see?

Look at this little cutie! Somebody's pride & joy.
She may be taking pictures of her own grand-kids now
... with a smart phone?

You would have brought her home too, right?
This was surely a special day for her.

And meet Willie Mae! Maybe Wilhelmina?

Sometimes you get lucky and there's a name on the back.
Maybe the best $2 ever spent?

Thanks so much for stopping by ...
I'd love to hear what you're up to this weekend?

A smile for Saturday ...

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