Sunday, September 25, 2016

Day 1522: To prove undying love, or maybe just to show you've been there?

"NY2", collage & ink

If you read yesterday's blog here
you may have had a question?
Norma did. Norma said: 

"Enjoyed the wonderful photos of the bridge.  

Don't keep us in suspense, why all those locks on the bridge?"

I responded: Ohhh, yeah! 
A Brooklyn Bridge tradition. 
Seems that for years lovers on a date would bring a padlock and 
lock it onto the bridge side rails to signify their undying love ...
then throw the key into the river. There are thousands!
(I wish I had taken more & better photos, but we ...
 were walking & WW was running defense out in front).
Some used combination locks and I wondered if 
that was in case it didn't work out or they changed heir mind? 

In recent years people have started tying their earphones and
the red ones given on the double-Decker Big Bus.
A growing number of those too. 
There are some artist vendors along the bridge path, and  ...
there was one man on the bridge selling a variety of locks!
Business 101: find a need & fill it!

* More of the NYC trip & day 4 & 5 photos soon ...
(TMI review: day 1+ here, day 2 here & day 3 here)
I thought you might be ready for a shorter post, a break?
I'll resume INY on Tuesday!

A smile for Sunday ...

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