Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 1521: I♥NY Day 3, Oh My!

"savings", collage & china marker

To begin, I thank you for your patience as I re-trace 
what & how we did all this amazing stuff in 5 days.

Day 3 of this great "mother-daughter trip" started early.
We caught a cab to Brooklyn &  Zucker's Deli ...

we picked up food & met up with our reserved walking tour ...

over the 1.3 mile Brooklyn Bridge.

 A wonderful way to see the Bridge and NYC.

Awe inspiring from every angle.

Grad student tour guide, Dahlia was knowledgeable, fun
and explained the many locks attached to the bridge.


A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge puts you in the heart of Dumbo
(Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

the former manufacturing district now with art studios, 
technology companies & luxury residences, French bakery, 
edgy independent bookstore & designer boutiques.

During our walk, we saw a model doing a A&F ad photo shoot,

a Japanese couple's wedding photo shoot,  graffiti & more.

Time to catch the East River Ferry back to Manhattan ...

once back in Manhattan, more walking & a snack.

The girls had bought tickets for Chicago on Broadway!

I had loved the movie, but this was amazing! Even better.

A stellar cast, wonderful seats & a fabulous night at the theater.

Then a late dinner at the famous Junior's off Times Square.
Carole & I shared a divine Reuben, no room for cheesecake!

We walked through Times Square well after midnight ...

enjoying the sights on our long walk back to the hotel.
Ending a long but terrific day 3.

And did I mention ...

A smile for Saturday ...

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