Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 1320: I have a lot of theories, but ... I mainly keep them to myself.

"keeper", junk mail collage.

After 4 days of Grandma TLC duty ...
 I am home, unpacked and ready for a nap!

Superman & WonderWoman flew in at noon, so I am off duty.
Grandhunks 2 & 3 are still in Bishop, CA ...
more cool info here, here & here.
It snowed last night, 
so their sleeping bags & tents sound cold to me? 

"traffic stop"

So 200+ OLU high school students & chaperones


are away from the comforts of home,
to help the Paiute - a Native American tribe.
Consisting of 1,300 members, several churches and 
 two assisted living facilities. 

Grandhunk# 2 & 3

Looking at these young, happy faces ...
it reminded me of one of my "theories" ...
(from 46 years of teaching ... all levels).
 In my great wisdom, I determined that all teens,
probably 13 -17, would report for group duty.
They would be taken away from home ...
put underground to pedal bikes with other teens.
They would generate power for all living above.
This sounds mean, but it isn't.
At this age they are happiest when together,
they have a disproportionate amount of energy, and
 it doesn't really matter to them what they are doing.
If you have been a parent to a teen, this must sound plausible?
I have a lot of these theories, but ...
I mainly keep them to myself. 

A smile for Monday ...

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