Sunday, March 6, 2016

Day 1319: It came in the mail by way of San Francisco!

"Marion", collages, photo & digital

Opening the mailbox is usually a mundane task.
But Friday, I found this ...

a cool envelope made by Jane in San Francisco,
from a National Geographic magazine!
Inside was the wayward envelope from Kim in Wyoming.

Already a great find, right?
But inside, there was more!


Lucky to be a part of MUSE mail art group,
each month we mail and receive a piece of mail art.


And often the sender includes special bits of inspiration,
knowing that we all use and love papers of all kinds.


What a treasure spilled out of Kim's beautiful envelope.

Thank you Jane for your help!
Thank you Kim for your kind generosity!
You both made my day!

On day 4 of Grandma TLC duty ...

a quick family update. 

Superman & WonderWoman are in Las Vegas.

Grandhunks #4, 2, 5 & 3

The Grandhunks are still in Bishop, expecting snow tonight.


Grandhunk #1 competed in varsity VB for OLU
and then took part of a 30 hour fast 
while working in the food warehouse. 

 The 3 Grandogs and I are just kickin' it.
Wishing you a "HAPPY" Sunday!

A smile for Sunday ...

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