Saturday, March 5, 2016

Day 1318: Good news about good kids.

"podtree", photo, collage & digital

Mentioned yesterday, here,

OLU students and chaperones rode buses to Bishop, CA.
Today I am sharing pictures of Day One, the set up.

They sent one group earlier to help set up ...

the giant circus tents, ahead of the main group. 

Grandhunk #2 was in the first group.


They have 3 big circus tents.

One for the girls.


One for the boys.


One for food, kitchen, and worship time.


Over 200 people on this trip!

The Orange Lutheran High School Missions program,
a popular annual event, is partnering to serve 
the Paiute - a Native American tribe.
Consisting of 1,300 members, several churches and 
 two assisted living facilities.  

The Lancers are placed on teams of 10 - 25 and 
sent around the city to over 20 different project locations.

Working with the Paiute Head Start program, 
doing yard work, visiting with the elderly 

and cleaning their homes, landscaping, 
constructing patio covers, repairing buildings, 
gardening and serving meals at a soup kitchen.

They will come home Monday, 
after five days of giving & great fun. 
Memories forever.

Thanks to chaperone Kelly Odle for photos.

A smile for Saturday ...

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