Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 1317: Reporting for duty.

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Reporting for Grandma TLC duty ...
Grandhunks 2 & 3 are on their way to Bishop, CA.

The Orange Lutheran High School Missions program, 

from March 3-7, one of the most popular programs 
on the OLU campus sends 150+ students and 
 chaperones to Bishop, Calif. to partner and serve 
with the Paiute - a Native American tribe.
Consisting of 1,300 members, several churches and 
 two assisted living facilities.
The Lancers are placed into teams of 10-25 and 
sent around the city to over 20 different project locations. 
Service includes: working with the Paiute Head Start program, 
yard work, visiting with the elderly and cleaning their homes, landscaping, constructing patio covers, repairing buildings, gardening and serving meals at a soup kitchen.
From my observation, they come home wiser, 
having opened their hearts to others 
through the actual giving of themselves.

GH #1 & 2 last year, 2015

Grandhunk # 1 will stay home from this trip 
having gone the three previous years, in order to
play for his OLU varsity VB game this weekend. 

After, he plans to do a 30 hour fast while working in 
the campus food donation center. 

A lot of good kids doing good stuff. 
We don't seem to hear about this much.


A smile for Friday ...

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