Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 1034: When Monday seems like Sunday ...

"BU", old magazine & junk mail collage postcard

"BU" backside, old magazine & junk mail collage postcard

Getting near to mailing out 100+ postcards, 
to thank friends for 1000 days in a row
All collages on antique 1965 art presentation boards,
cut into postcards. Recycling big time!
More info here.

When Monday seems like Sunday, 
maybe it's a free pass to ...
break some rules, or at least ease up on them?
It's Monday and a holiday, but seems like Sunday to me.
People on their way to special places.
I made a rare stop at a grocery store.
The goal? Two drumsticks and a salad.
Fairly healthy, right?
But then I walked down the wrong aisle ...

and a bag of Fritos was calling my name!
Not normally in my dietary landscape.
But, back 100 years ago, when I was in high school,
a tiny 5 cent bag of Fritos was a great thing.
Weighing 99 pounds back then, with a decent metabolism,
Fritos was not yet my enemy.

So, with the will power of a gnat ... 
yes, I did come home with a  9 3/4oz. bag.
And have since devoured my total salt consumption ...

and calories for the rest of 2015.
Feeling guilty, but it's a holiday, right?

A smile for Tuesday ...

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