Friday, April 24, 2015

Day 1002: Renamed the "something, sometime" list! ♥

"As it is",  a junk mail & ink collage postcard

Zack (GH#3) was here last Sunday.
He helped take things down from up high in the garage.
 I threw out some boxes, bagged some stuff to donate. 
And, wrapped up air tight, in pristine condition,
we found 20 of my fashion illustrations, done in 1965! 
50 years ago?

Working on my masters in design at the time, 
they were presentation pieces for a final grade, 
hand drawn on mat-board, each sealed with acetate.

I almost threw them out,
but decided to get some use out of them before the landfill.
I stripped off the acetate which was sealed with tape, and
cut the (artwork) mat-board to 4x6" pieces on my old paper cutter.

They will be my upcoming postcard bases. 
So if you're on the list you'll be getting an antique!
I cut the 16x20" acetate cover sheets to smaller sheets, 
for students to use in their journals when paint is wet. 
My Mother would like that I didn't waste anything. 
And, I have named the postcard list ...
the "something, sometime" list! 

 I will.

Happy Friday!

A smile for Friday ...

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