Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 790: Time to face the music!

Passion 13, encaustics and gelli print

Been "gallavanting" around!
Started to say "too much", but is that possible?
Teaching, Ad's birthday, medical stuff & lunches out!
Today I must get to work, time to "face the music."

Lucky to have been hired by California Art Education Association
for their annual State Professional Conference
in Irvine, CA    November 13 -16, 2014

I will teach two mixed media 
for art teachers from all over.
"Faces in a Crowd", collage on canvas
"Journal Journey", a different way
 to journal, in old library books ...
both this November 15th.

And, in the process of submitting artwork for their brochure,
I was asked to furnish artwork for outdoors!
 My work will be professionally printed for display ...
on mini-billboard Cabana-style for the City of Mission Viejo.
I am so flattered.
There is a problem though. Which ones? 
I have narrowed it down to 24.
I need 5!
So I thought I ask you ?
After all, you are just sitting there!


A    -    top row 1-3,   2rd row 4-6,   3rd row 7-9 &   4th row 10-12


B    -    top row 1-3,   2rd row 4-6,   3rd row 7-9 &   4th row 10-12

I know they are "smuuched" together,
but I'm hoping your eye will go the best ones?
I will decide by tomorrow, maybe with your help?
Just think of it as homework, right?

A smile for Wednesday ...

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