Friday, September 5, 2014

Day 771: Just sayin' ...

journal page, junk mail & magazine collage

Most mornings find me with some form of breakfast ...
as I sit with my significant other, (my Mac Pro)
 and peruse the newest posts on favorite blogs.
I am only faithful to a few special blogs, 
even though I know there are more to be had.

This morning I enjoyed Amy's Four Corners Design
Always a visual treat. Clean, refreshing, concise.
Beautiful photography, and a clear voice.
Today's post as Amy prepares surroundings for Fall, 
caused me to realize I haven't changed my blog banner 
in the 771 consecutive days of it's being. Should I?
No seasonal vignettes that I enjoy on other blogs.

Then I glanced down at my current journal ...
a standard issue from my ASW/Catalyst class
that could be sanded, recovered, made more interesting ...
like I used to do to each journal, 79 journals ago.
I could, but I don't. A familiar ring?

I don't think it's because I am lazy, 
though I admit to that talent.
Now days, I seem to be more interested in the inside,
and think of the outside as a holder?

Okay, enough. I am making me tired! ;op

Hope your day is smooth sailing,
and if you have time to share, I'd love to hear?

A smile for Friday ...

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